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Demon slayer quest

Description: Wizards of the dark arts have freed the ancient demon Delrith. Find out how to imprison him again before its too late and he destroys Varrock.

Difficulty: Novice

Length: Medium

Requirements: Able to defeat an apocalyptic demon (Lvl 27, weakened with Silverlight Sword aquired during the quest)

Items Needed: 25 regular bones, 1 coin.

Quest Points Reward: 3

Reward: You can keep Silverlight, which is useful for weakening any kind of demon.

Start Point: Varrock Square

To Start: The Gypsy in her tent on Varrock square


  1. Talk to the Gypsy in her tent and pay her a coin to reveal the future to you. She'll do her thing and tell you that Delrith has been released. She also says that you're the only one that can stop him. She goes on into some history of Delrith, then tells you to see Sir Prysin in Varrock castle. Make sure you ask what the magical incantation is. You don't need to write it down if you're using the guide (of course).

  2. Sir Prysin is in the south west side of the castle. Ask him about Silverlight and find out he needs 3 keys to unlock the chest containing Silverlight. He'll tell you to talk to Captain Rovin on an upper floor of the castle.

  3. Go upstairs and find Captain Rovin and talk until he gives you his key. He will be on the third floor (American) or the second floor (England), above the room with guards in it. Climb the stairs again to reach him.

  4. Sir Prysin dropped a key down the drain also (what a klutz), so head to the most northeast room and go upstairs, grab a bucket, go back downstairs and fill it from the sink.

  5. Use the Bucket of water with the drain. The drain is outside of the kitchen, on the eastern wall. Then hurry down into the sewers through the manhole, go a little ways in and you should find the key in no time

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